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Frequently Asked Questions

If you just enrolled in Homegrown Rewards™ or are just interested in learning more about the program, we've got plenty of easy to understand answers right here. Your most frequently asked questions on Homegrown Rewards™ are below. Just scroll down until you find yours, click on it and the answer will be revealed. If you still can't find what you need, contact customer service at

  • How do I sign up for Homegrown Rewards™?

    There are two ways to sign-up for the Homegrown Rewards™ program. Either fill out an application at a participating store or enroll online at Once the enrollment process is complete, you’ll receive a Homegrown Rewards™ card to use with all purchases. To enroll online please select “Join” from the green banner above. To find a participating Family Farm & Home store click here.
  • Why do I need to include my birth month on my profile?

    This is an optional field in your profile information. You never know, we might send you a card on your birthday
  • How do I earn points?

    Present your card with every purchase at any Family Farm & Home store. You’ll earn 5 points per dollar spent in store. Family Farm & Home reserves the right to modify the point structure at any time.
  • How do I earn rewards certificates?

    For every 2500 points you accumulate, you will receive a $5 Rewards Certificate. Rewards Certificates are compiled and automatically mailed to qualified customers monthly and are valid for approximately 30 days.
  • How long after a purchase does it take for my points to show up online?

    Please allow up to 3 business days. If you have just signed up for the Homegrown Rewards™ program, it could take up to 4 weeks while we process your application. If you see missing transactions or an incorrect balance, please contact the store from which you made the purchase or contact customer service by email at
  • How do I update my address, email or phone info on my Homegrown Rewards™ account?

    Once you are logged into your account, click “My Profile” to update email, address and phone number.
  • Where can I check my points balance for Homegrown Rewards™?

    Check your balance on the Homegrown Rewards™ website upon login.
  • What if I’ve lost/misplaced my card?

    Log in to your account. Print a replacement card by navigating to “My Account” and select the Print Replacement Card tab in the account navigation bar.
  • How do I redeem my rewards certificates?

    Redeem them at any participating Family Farm & Home store. Rewards certificates are valid for approximately 30 days. The expiration date is printed on your certificate.
  • Can I have a rewards certificate replaced?

    Rewards certificates are like cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Can I get retroactive credit for a purchase I made and forgot to use my card?

    Yes. Email a copy of your receipt to Your transaction will be verified and you will be notified of point addition.
  • I forgot my Homegrown Rewards™ username or password.

    If you forgot your password, click on “Reset Password.”
    If you forgot your username and password, you will need to contact customer service by email at for assistance.
    If you are logging in for the first time, use your Homegrown Rewards™ card # as your login and the first three digits of your first name (lowercase) and zip code as your password. If your first name only has 2 letters, use a ! as the third letter. If you have any trouble contact customer service by email at
  • What if I return an item that I previously earned points on?

    The points originally earned on the item will be subtracted from your balance.
  • I show a purchase, but I received 0 Homegrown Rewards™ points.

    Some products may be excluded from earning points or may earn a percentage of points. Please contact us at with any additional questions.
  • Do my points expire?

    Yes, after 2+ years (or 730+ days) of purchase inactivity on your Homegrown Rewards™ card, your entire point balance will expire and be re-set to 0.

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